4-6 August 2023Sunshine Coast, B.C.

A family gathering in Wholeness

⛴️ Calling all kids, old and young, to join us for a weekend of play on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, a 40 minute ferry ride from Vancouver. 

🙏 Scott Nelson will be graciously hosting us.

👨‍👩‍👧 This will be our first Constructing Consciousness gathering with kids and spouses joining the fun. How can we bring the C.C. field of loving wholeness into our family systems, cultivating generational impacts for those we most love?

🌞 Join us for a weekend in nature's paradise that will become our family home for our families to be at Home, together. 

♥️ We hope to see you there!

The Details

Starts: August 4th, 2023 at 12pm

Ends: August 6th, 2023 at 6pm

Where: Scott Nelson's oceanside home on the Sunshine Coast

How to get there: 40 minute ferry ride from Vancouver. Further transportation details coming soon! 

Who: This is a curated, by invitation-only gathering for those we feel will support the coherence of the collective field. Spouses and children are welcomed and encouraged to join! 

Why: To live into the question: "How can we bring our field of loving wholeness into our family systems, cultivating generational impacts for those we most love?" 

Costs: $225-$550 per adult sliding scale. Kids join for free! Includes accommodations, meals and gathering ticket(s). Limited scholarships are available upon request. 

Accommodations: Add your name(s) next to the accommodation options available.

Payment: To confirm your spot, please send in payment via PayPal or Venmo.

Please reach out if you have any questions or suggestions!            info@constructingconsciousness.com

Organized by

Tucker Walshtuckerlighthouse@gmail.com

♾️ Tucker Walsh is a community weaver and co-founder of Constructing Consciousness. 

✨ He is currently co-creating and facilitating in-person and online gatherings as well as consulting for transformational communities around the globe. 

👁️ His projects and visions for our beautiful world can be explored here. 

📷 In his former career, Tucker was an Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker. 

🪞What brings him joy is helping people see the love that they already are. 

⛰️ Tucker is based in Boulder, Colorado.

Leigh Reis

Leigh Reis is a facilitator and developmental coach from New South Wales, Australia.

Fionn Wrightfionn.wright@gmail.com

Fionn is named one of the “11 Most Influential Movers & Shakers in Shanghai” for his TV appearances in Chinese with over 100 million views. Now based in Vancouver, he coaches entrepreneurs, executives and family business leaders around the world, and shares his vision to evolve our planetary consciousness and co-emerge a regenerative future for humanity through TV, live-streaming, vlogging, writing, consulting, podcasting & speaking. 

As the creator of Universifying — an integrative Meta-Model, Theory and Practice to birth our world through the meta-crisis — Fionn holds space for an ethically-oriented emergence of a wiser young meta-collective to manifest a global technologically-supported full-spectrum meta-ecosystem.